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Victorian Lodge

of Research

lodge No 218 within the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Victoria Australia



The Victorian Lodge of Research

Warranted lodge No 218 within the United Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of Victoria Australia.
Established in 1911, the Lodge is dedicated to Masonic research and the diffusion of Masonic knowledge through education.
The Lodge seeks to uphold the great traditions of the Craft and promote an interest in all that constitutes Freemasonry.

Masonic Research

The Victorian Lodge of Research (218) was founded in Melbourne, in October 1911 with a view to providing a forum for examining and discussions aspects of Freemasonry. “…it still has the distinction of being the sixth oldest continuous Lodge of Research in the world…”

Friendship Brotherhood

Freemasonry provides men today a unique experience steeped in history and tradition, and that includes the tradition of dining together as part of the lodge meeting. Our festive boards are about building those bonds of brotherhood.

Mentors Educators

From tutors for the students of the Lodge’s courses, to lodge speakers and the on-line education (MAP) portal, the Victorian Lodge of Research actively assists in as educators and mentors for Victorian Freemasons.

Annual Publication

All presentation from annual speaker program are published in the yearly transactions.

Freemasonry – Know Thyself

Lodge Transactions for 2018, Volume 32, papers include, Freemasonry and Politics in Contemporary Russia.

Freemasonry – Profit & Pleasure

Lodge Transactions for 2017, Volume 31, papers include, English Fraternal Support for Garibaldi 1848-1870

Freemasonry – From Labour to Refreshment

Lodge Transactions for 2016, Volume 30, papers include, Freemasonry in the Philippines.

The Mysteries of Freemasonry

Lodge Transactions for 2015, Volume 29, papers include, Sir Isaac Newton, Solomon’s Temple and the Craft of the Moderns.


Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team.

WBro Nikolaos E Sakellaropoulos
Master of the Lodge

WBro Lewis Allan
Immediate Past master

WBro Brendan Kyne

We want to change
peoples lives

By providing programmes and courses to assist you on your journey in Freemasonry – To Know Thyself

Who We Are

Freemasonry teaches the great lessons of life

The importance of honor and integrity.
Being a person on whom others can rely.
Being both trusting and trustworth.
Realizing that you have a spiritual nature as well as a physical nature
The importance of self control
Knowing how to love and be loved.
Knowing how to keep the confidence of others.
It teaches us to reach for a higher standard in conducting our lives.


We Are Here For You

The lodge offers extensive education programs, corporate membership, a correspondance circle, monthly thoughts for the enquiring mason.

Certificate Program

In 2008 the Victorian Lodge of Research introduced a Certificate of Masonic Studies (CMS) course open to all Victorian Freemasons who have completed the third degree in Freemasonry. An 8-module course, that since 2018 has been revamped and available on-line. CMS Modules are: -

  • Module 1: - Perceptions and Misconceptions
  • Module 2: - Origins of Freemasonry – Theories and Basic Approaches
  • Module 3: - Development of Freemasonry from 1717-1738 (England)
  • Module 4: - Freemasonry’s global spread & History of Freemasonry in Victoria
  • Module 5: - Legends, Symbols and Allegories
  • Module 6: - General Philosophy of Freemasonry
  • Module 7: - Religious Beliefs and Freemasonry
  • Module 8: - The Aims of Freemasonry (& reflections on Course)


In 2020 the Victorian Lodge of Research will be offering lodges Corporate Membership, a deluxe version of the Correspondence Circle (C.C.) for lodges.

  • WM, Wardens, Deacons and IG become members of the Lodge’s C.C.
  • Copies of the annual Lodge Transactions
  • Monthly email from Lodge
  • Monthly Thoughts For The Enquiring Mason (TFTEM)
  • Education night presented by the Lodge
  • Access to Lodge’s digital Archive


In October 1990 the Victorian Lodge of Research established a correspondence circle and to date it has had over 900 members in 52 countries. Since 1990, Correspondence Circle members have presented papers in the Lodge and/or had their papers published in the Lodges annual transactions.

  • Copies of the annual Lodge Transactions
  • Monthly email from Lodge
  • Monthly Thoughts For The Enquiring Mason (TFTEM)

Thought for
The Enquiring Mason

For the last 32 years the Lodge has published the monthly “Thoughts For The Enquiring Mason” (TFTEM). This one-page TFTEM has continued to be sent out every month to Lodge and Correspondence Circle members with the summons and minutes and is meant to provide a brief piece of Masonic knowledge or present material designed to stimulate thought and discussion.

  • Was Sir Francis Bacon a Freemason?
  • John Coustos – Freemason
  • Freemasonry and the Chevalier Ramsay
  • The Origins of Freemasonry – The Rosicrucians
  • Dr John Dee and the Origins of Freemasonry
  • The Worshipful Society of Freemasons
We Are Researchers
We Are Educators
We Are Brothers
We Are Freemasons

— Sequendo Lampada Disco —

Calendar of Work

Annual Speaker Program

Victorian Lodge of Research presents an annual lecture program that seeks to cover the key areas of masonic research the historical symbolic spiritual while maintaining an appropriate balance between these competing streams.

The Learning Journey

Providers of quality Masonic education

The Victorian Lodge of Research has also deliberately placed itself in the Masonic education sphere, through the courses it currently offers, with the aims of capturing that initial enthusiasm of the keen master mason, cultivating the next generation of Masonic researchers and keeping the Lodge relevant to the modern Freemasonry.


Brief overview of the Masonic journey, what happens at a lodge meeting, origins of freemasonry, history of freemasonry

Entered Apprentice

Reflections on the entered apprentice ceremony, symbolism including MAP 1


Knowing thy self, Emotional intelligence, MAP 2, Vitruvian geometry.

Master Mason

The foundations of Grand Lodge, Emotional intelligence, perspective on the third degree, knights templar, Rosicrucian’s, MAP 3


To provide a solid grounding and understanding of the basic history, origins and development of Freemasonry. Greater understanding of the Philosophy, Tenets and Principles of Freemasonry.

The Victorian Lodge of Research provides a unique lodge experience that includes presentations by some of the best local and international speakers. The Lodge’s education courses and, in conjunction with the United Grand Lodge of Victoria, the on-line education portal ensure all Victorian Freemasons have access to quality education resources.


We look forward to meeting you

Ivalda Masonic Temple
40 Salisbury Ave Ivanhoe
VIC 3079, Australia